January 20, 2011


I think the hardest part about starting a new job is finding your footing in this new environment and realizing whether or not you truly will be anything of value to this organization despite your fantasies and daydreams before your first weeks end.
For me that moment came yesterday in the form of a phone call from my boss, "Sandy, your designs for NYC was a hit, we got another meeting tomorrow, give me a few more designs for Pittsburgh before the end of the day. Click" mind you this was 3 in the afternoon. As I frantically try to pull something out of my bum I realized, if Warhol can inspire Christian Louboutin in creating his signature red sole, this Pittsburgh home town boy can definitely send some much needed creativity my way.
So this goes out to you Andy, for not ceasing to inspire decade after decade..

Oh and the end of my story, email from the boss this morning, "Sandy, success again, I'll finalize the details and get the samples made". Man of few words but they are just what I want to hear!

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