May 5, 2011

norcal trip part 4 : haight and gold gate park

Doesn't get much more San Francisco than Haight Ashbury and Gold Gate Park, especially since I get to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Squat and Gobble (as you can tell, I was pretty excited when the food arrived!) We were lucky enough that it was a gorgeous spring day while we were there, and the cherry on top? I found Casper made friendlier with a J! =P

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  1. i LOVE that photo of you and ji!!!! you look so happy =)

  2. awww thanks love. i am SO happy! the only thing missing is my wifey!!
    btw i tried calling you back..going to bed now cuz i'm just exhausted but i'll call you again tomorrow!
    LOVE you!


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