July 29, 2011

how did Monroe do it?

Levi's jacket / vintage top and belt / Michael Kors dress

This dress is another lucky find from the Rose Bowl, it was only $10! Ten! It's like I've died and gone to cheap thrills heaven. I layered it with the lace top for work but just the dress itself is so simple and perfect for summer. When I first stepped over the vent I had no idea it was actually blowing up air, there were some pretty funny pictures as a result of that reminded me of the iconic Marilyn Monroe picture, but just much much less sexy and graceful haha. I did love how the breeze really showed up the movement of the skirt tho! 
Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Love your outfit :) Your sandals are great!


  2. thank you! the shoes are the most comfortable heels I own! haha


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