July 15, 2011


Happy Friday!!! I recently discovered this new online shopping site that is super easy and fun to use and wanted to share with you guys! =)

Summer is just beginning and with so many places to find that perfect new dress it’s tough to know where to look. A new service recently arrived just in time to help you find and share that perfect new dress or amazing new bag.

Built by a group of design students, ObviLux is a social shopping community that makes it easy to find and share clothes and products with your friends. Even more you’ll be rewarded for the love you show specific brands. Are you a Bobbi Brown fanatic? A big supporter of Anthropologie? They can help you become the official store ambassadors.

Visit ObviLux today to discover and share life’s Obvious Luxuries.

I even included a video below that shows just how user friendly it is! Even a tech inept like myself could use it with ease. Don't forget to follow me (sandboxofdreams) and let's have some fun!

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