February 4, 2011

certified, baby

Sandy necklace gifted from the one and only / Skull necklace new find from Fairfax flea market / Amazing turtle ring from JRL (holla <3)
 H&M blazer / random wrap sweater / Quilksilver EPIC tee / Vintage belt / Frankie B jeans / Sperry shoes
Took these the night before I left for Florida. Luckily I managed to sneak out of the office early that day for some sun and much procrastinated last minute packing. Finally got my Quilksilver Everyday People Initiating Change "EPIC" so of course I had to take it out for a spin. This tee might look generic in these pictures (sorry I didn't think to get better close ups) but it's actually amazing with shirttail hem, raw edges and a center back seam. LOVE! Only thing better is sushi happy hour with the boy, nothing like a large bottle of Sapporo to prepare you for the journey ahead.


  1. How often do you buy new clothes and how long do you typically keep a pair of shoes that you buy? What about a shirt?

  2. yay for the ring shout-out!

  3. Wonga i couldn't tell you how often..maybe once a week on average if we're talking per piece? the nice thing about having a shopping problem is that i do get to keep my clothes/shoes for a long time since my rotation through the closet lasts so long nothing gets too worn out.

    JRL..miss you!


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