February 3, 2011


I come to you from the airport on route back to California. I've been in Orlando and Jacksonville Florida the last couple days for work and it has be exhilarating and yet extremely hectic. I've barely had a chance to get on the computer so I do feel a little disconnected from the world. However I am learning so much about the business. What better way to get hands on with work then being on the road and really getting to know the markets you are trying to reach?? I'm actually shocked how different the culture is on the opposite coast!
Unfortunately the weather has been terrible here in Jacksonville, rain and thunder storms all day long so as you can imagine I am very excited to go home! I promise pictures will come once I make it home and catch up on my sleep. A dozen hours of shut eye in the last 3 days just wasn't enough for my brain to function at its full capacity..

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