March 4, 2011

Asia photo journal

 Beautiful sunrise on the plane to HK
 View from my hotel..crazy how fast China's growing construction everywhere.
 Hotel's have become my home away from home..
Gotta relax after a long day of work!
 Working with my factory liaison in their showroom
Dinner then karaoke with the boss man
Some sort of sea worm local specialty..actually was really tasty!
 Pandas everywhere
The Popeyes at the HK airport where we had our last meal on the 09 trip!


Just got back from China yesterday, been in and out of sleep for the last 12 hours. Unfortunately because everything (I mean literally EVERYthing..FB, Bloglovin, blogspot, Fashiolista) is blocked over there I wasn't able to do any blogging! Here are some pictures I managed to find time to take while I was over there, really wish I was able to capture more of my incredible experience but I was consumed by work for the most part. Didn't even have time to take advantage of the shopping! Can you believe it??
Now it's back to the good old first day back in the office routine of catching up on emails, phone calls, and future travel plans. Oh yes..did I mention that I am indeed leaving AGAIN for the east coast in less than a week?? No need to unpack I guess haha.

Things I'll miss..
  • Amazing and delicious food
  • Watching the boss man karaoke with other middle aged Asian men
  • Fast, considerate and wonderfully efficient service no matter where you go (US customs at LAX I'm very disappointed)
  • Complimentary breakfast at my hotel..mmm it was so delicious!
  • Frog legs. That right I said frog legs! They're my favorite and a specialty there and oh so yummy.
  • My hilarious driver that looked like a young Jay Chou.
  • Watching Black Swan on the plane, shrieking quietly in fear to myself.
  • The amazing learning opportunity! I'm so appreciative of the experience.

    Things I won't miss..
    • Working 20 hour days.
    • Creepy pervey old factory owners.
    • The dust, dirt and pollution.
    • Crazy Asian drivers and I don't mean the China town kind. There were literally moments where I was scared for my life. No joke.
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    1. YUM. and looks fun! love the pandas.

    2. I found your comment! haha
      I love the pandas too, they had a furry vest with the panda hat as a hood!!! man if they had that in adult sizes I so would have brought one home!


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