March 7, 2011

the little things

 Talk about appreciating the simple pleasures in life. So I have this horrible habit of leaving my jewelry all over the place no matter where I am, in jeans, purses, on public bathroom counters for its next user, oh the amount of accessories I've donated to the universe this way. A few weeks ago I thought I had lost my favorite little silver hoops. As you can tell I'm not much of an earring wearer, mostly due to the fact that for some reason my ear lobes hates anything that touches it besides real silver or gold, metal snob much? Haha. Anyways these little sparklers never caused my ears to get red and pus like (it's gross I know) and they add just enough glitz that my ears need sometimes. So you can imagine how upset I was when I realized after searching all the possible black holes that my jewelry has disappeared and reappeared from that my pretty little hoops were indeed gone. Until today! At some point this morning I had taken off all my rings to sort through all my samples from the overseas trip. When I felt the nakedness of my fingers I frantically searched around me to make sure I still had my rings and as I did I heard a little jingling in my jacket pocket, in there I not only found my rings but the earrings as well! Gonna be a good Monday after all!

Speaking of pleasant little things, I've begin a boycott of MAC products, because it's very UNpleasant to arrive in your hotel in a foreign place to find that your entire makeup case and all contents inside covered with concealer. This isn't the first time the cheap packaging of MAC has caused me headache, I can honestly say that every time I've traveled this year I find one of my MAC blushes, eye shadows or what have you broken when I unpack. Such a waste and a major inconvenience when you're traveling. So as much as I love the pigmented colors, I am retiring my faithful MAC user title for now and moving on to better, sturdier packaged brands!

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